About Us

The Connecticut State Missionary Baptist Convention, Inc.

The Connecticut State Missionary Baptist Convention was organized in 1904 at the Messiah Baptist Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Eleven churches were called together and the first President of the convention was Rev. W.M. Morton and Secretary was Rev. Isaac W. Reed. It must be noted here that the convention has met in Annual Sessions since its inception without interruption despite two world wars and the Great Depression. The organization has grown from its original 11 churches to the present status of over 80 member churches. There have been 20 presidents and they are to be recognized for all they have done. The Convention has made a substantial contributions to the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. and the Progressive Baptist Convention, many Historical Black Colleges and has aided these causes in their mission and education projects, both home and abroad.

In 2002, we opened and have maintained a Christian Preschool in Trinidad, West Indies. The convention has contributed substantially to the education of youth in our member churches and has issued opinion papers in local and state government affairs. The Connecticut State Missionary Baptist convention has always been a leader in the area of civil rights and will always speak up for those who have no voice. The Connecticut state Missionary Baptist Convention mission has always been to empower the local body of Christ through its teaching, preaching and witnessing programs. The convention presently has auxiliaries which consist of the following: The Women’s Auxiliary, Congress of Christian Education and the Youth and Young Adult Departments.

The Connecticut State Missionary Baptist Convention is divided into five associations with each having its own moderator. The Convention has and always will be at the forefront of mission and education.

Presidential Terms

Rev. J.A. Taylor, 1957-1971 Rev. Lindsay E. Curtis, 2015-
Rev. F.W. Jacobs1938-1957 Rev. B. Kimber, 2007-2015
Rev. B.L. Matthews, 1926-1938 Rev. B.K. Watts, 2003-2007
Rev. I.W. Reed, 1921-1926 Rev. R.W. Perry, 1999-2003
Rev. W.B. Reed, 1919-1921 Rev. A.B. Samuels, 1995-1999
Rev. C.I Fisher, 1917-1919 Rev. L. Bailey, Jr, 1991-1995
Rev. D.S. Klugh, 1911 -1917 Rev. S.L. White, 1987-1991
Rev. W.A. Harrod, 1908-1911 Rev. C.M. Cofield, 1983-1987
Rev. W.O. Harris, 1906-1908 Rev. R. E. Williams, 1979-1983
Rev. W.M. Morton, 1904-1906 Rev. S. P. Petteway, 1975-1979
Rev. R.H. Wood, 1971-1975