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Donna BlowLa Donna J. Blow was born in Chicago Illinois to Josephine and James Brown, and reared by her mother and stepfather Mr. William Crawford. La Donna’s work opportunities allowed her to move to New York in 1985, and to Connecticut in 1990.  It was here that she was blessed by God with two unions, the first to her God sent husband, Mr. William Blow.  Of that union they have a combined total of eleven children, over forty-five grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.  The second union was to Zion Baptist Church, where she and her husband have been blessed with a wonderful church family.

Some of her church involvement includes the Pilgrim Missionary Ministry, advisor for the Junior Missionary Ministry, Mission (IM) Possible, a graduate of the Discipleship Classes, a teacher in our Basic Christian Training classes and Evangelism Counseling class, New Member Orientation, Evangelism Counseling class, and past President of the Intermediate Missionary Ministry. 

La Donna was introduced to the Connecticut State Missionary Baptist Convention as an Intermediate Missionary by its then State Supervisor Sister Elaine Vann.  She was further encouraged to participate by Deaconess Eleanor Green, and mentored by Deaconess Armentha Williams. She is currently serving as President for the Women’s Auxiliary, and previously served as Vice President at Large, President of the Zebulun Women’s District, Chairperson for the Resolution committee, and Assistant on the Presidents’ Luncheon Committee.

Her greatest desire in life is to help others find Christ for themselves.

The scripture that she strives to live on is………


“not my will, but thy will be done.”

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