In 1814, during the War of 1812, Great Britain sent troops to burn several buildings in our Nation’s Capitol, including the Capitol Building and the White House. The events of January 6, 2021 parallel the apparent mindset of the British government; both breaches were an attempt toput our democracy at bay.

However, the most humiliating, tragic difference between the two events is that the heinous acts of January 6, were committed against America by American citizens. This mob, through their treasonous actions, intended to disrupt the political process.

The fact that this act of terrorism was committed by American citizens is inconceivable, but what is even more deplorable is that this insurrection was incited by our own President of the United States, his attorney, and his enablers. The internal fighting, fearmongering, threats against America, outright and deliberate lies, and the incestuous hate that have festered for the past four years have jeopardized the moral conscience of our country. To our dismay, some leaders in Congress are guilty of helping and enabling our president, and thereby, gave impetus to the events that occurred. Certain factions of our country have denied how horrific things are, and in fact, they have fanned the flames with their racist rhetoric and dog-whistle tactics. The Church must abhor that kind of behavior and call it what it is: unethical, immoral, and unchristian.

How the Capitol Police addressed this insurrection by President Trump’s supporters, in contrast to the stark differences we witnessed in their overzealous display of force and preparedness during the peaceful protest of Black Lives Matter supporters, clearly articulates what we have always known to be true in this country. It is a painful reminder of how dangerous implicit bias is and can be within our country.

The events of January 6 were a tremendous failure of leadership. Through the wonders of technology, we, and in fact, the world witnessed the desecration of our nation’s Capitol and an assault on our democratic republic. The fabric of our democracy and the moral fate of our country were threatened. We must replace the interest of the party with the interest of our country. We must commit ourselves not to choose preference over principles, we must not choose party over principles, and ultimately, we must not choose a person over principles. We, as Americans, pledge allegiance to the constitution.

The Capitol Building has now been secured, but our democracy still hangs in the balance during these next few days, while we await the inauguration of our new president and vice-president. We, as a country, and most importantly as Christians, cannot and must not remain passive or silent any longer. What happened is not only horrible for our country, but it is a horrible Christian witness. We, the body of Christ, must be vocal and steadfast in combatting and condemning hatred, bigotry, and injustice on all levels.

The Church universal and The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., in particular, must continue to fight for the soul of our country. As Christians, we must continue to pray for our people and our nation. The Black church has always been a pillar for our communities, and its efforts have led to a truer form of democracy. Our Convention must remain steadfast and true. With our prayers, actions, and with God as our guide, better days are coming.

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